On Wednesday, February 20th 2019 at the International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas, our founder Renee Labbe presented our seminar STAYING AHEAD: The 2020+ Consumer Trends that Impact Your Design Decisions Today. First, thank you to all who attended and expressed interest in our work! Our mission is to provide the builder industry with a relevant and actionable dialogue about the future of design.

As promised, below is our overview/recap of everything discussed at the seminar.

PLEASE NOTE: All topics presented at IBS are part of a larger forecast publication, coming soon. If you wish to be notified when our publication is available, please use our contact form to request notification.

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The four themes Renee discussed were:

DESIGN REDUCTION - A current and evolving architectural & interior design trend that offers consumers a “visual ease” wherein the details that comprise the total aesthetic are reduced for the express purpose of greater overall unity.

ENTANGLEMENT - An evolution of current efforts in Biophilic Design, in which the boundaries between built and natural environments become further blurred or intertwined…so as to experience less notable difference between them.

PRIVA-SEE - A focus on achieving a clear balance of providing inhabitants of a residence with a sense of freedom (to feel outdoors) while simultaneously designing increased privacy between the residence and the outside world.

TRADITIONAL LEAP - A counter to Transitional style, this design direction identifies the “traditional” details that are finding their way onto new modern & contemporary homes.

The maps below indicate the various design and color directions we discussed within each theme.

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 8.53.15 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 8.53.16 AM.png

Thank you again to all who attended. We hope to see you in March at the upcoming John Burns Housing Summit at The Woodlands, TX. For more details, see our Upcoming Events.

Renee Labbe